Wetwork: Episode 1 (Excerpt)

This is an excerpt from a screenplay I wrote. Film was one of the major galvanizing forces of my writing – the combination of visuals and the need for perfectly tuned dialogue drew me in during my high school career, and it hasn't loosened its grip since.

The premise of this show is based on a phenomenon that sometimes occurs at colleges; when the justice system fails young victims of sexual assault, young women take matters into their own hands. To caution others, women will add names to lists of known sexual assailants to bathroom walls.

Amanda, the protagonist of my script, takes things a step further and begins picking off the men on these lists...


AMANDA does not hesitate. CHAD is turning surprised as AMANDA rips CHAD out of the back seat. He’s on the ground now, senses fogged by alcohol, but still dangerous – broad, tall, and powerful in spite of everything.

AMANDA’s senses are sharp now. Training, coupled with rage, shakes the fog on her mind, and she bears down on CHAD while, literally, his pants are down.

She lands a kick to his side, a knee to his chin, before he thrashes and fends her off.

He gets up, abandoning his pants for just boxers. It’s not funny to look at. His legs ripple with muscle – a stark contrast to AMANDA’s slight figure.

She’s more cautious now. He walks toward her, shaking his alcohol fog too, and throws a devastatingly fast haymaker, then a brutal kick. She dodges them, keeps her balance. He doesn’t guard himself like she does in a display of either male arrogance or simple inexperience.

He sweeps her feet, she dodges. She counters, nails his face with a haymaker. He grunts and spits blood, but doesn’t flinch. He throws another punch and –

CRACK – AMANDA blocks it, but it still hurts bad. Knowing she needs to end it before something like that happens again, she goes in, throwing punches at his face.

His guard comes up and, while he’s not fast, his arms are thick. She’s having trouble getting anything in. He leans back and – WOOSH – sends a punch with all his weight. She dodges, barely, and in that moment two decisive things happen.

His guard remains up, he can’t handle all of the weight he threw into that punch, he lands poorly.

AMANDA knows she needs to end it now – she jumps into his guard, way too fast for him to react, throws a fake out on his right and –