Updates: Fire, absence, mental health awareness day

A picture of my apartment after the fire.

A picture of my apartment after the fire.

I haven't been very public with this information for a number of reasons, but a few weeks ago my apartment burned down. I wasn't there when it happened. The feeling of anxiety and chaos -

- of course as I'm writing that sentence the fucking fire alarm goes off, preventing me from being precious or whatever about the fire.


At any rate, the fire and the associated emotionally draining fallout are why I've been absent recently. I'm returning full force starting - NOW!

It's also mental health awareness day. It's a good time to bust myths surrounding mental health, especially those that stigmatize sufferers, like yours truly.

General myths.

Topically, shooters often receive the label of mentally ill, which is insulting to, uh, basically everyone that matters in this conversation. I'll bring your attention in that page to this part, which debunks the idea that mentally ill people are more predisposed to violence.

Anyway, I'm back, and glad about that. Cheers.